Fundraiser to Preserve Lovecraft's Letters to Long

Fundraiser to Preserve Lovecraft's Letters to Long

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HPL's Letters Are Coming Home

By Jingo - We've Done It! - we're delighted to announce that through the generous support of the HPLHS community, we have achieved our goal of funding our $20,000 share of the acquisition of the HPL letters. Brown will make the purchase of the collection this spring and they're hopeful to add them to their online digital repository by late summer. 

Even though we've reached our goal, we're keeping the fundraiser open for another month or so. 100% of the additional funds we receive will be donated to Brown, meaning the HPLHS will contribute a larger share of the overall total price than we originally committed to. We know there are people who would like to participate in this process but haven't been able to yet. Your contribution is important and valued.

What's going on here

As many of you may know, Lovecraft was one of the most voluminous letter writers in US history. It's estimated that he may have written as many as 90,000 letters in his lifetime. Of those, only around 10,000 are extant and the largest collection of those in the world is at the John Hay Library at Brown University in Providence.

A collection of original letters from Lovecraft to his friend Frank Belknap Long is being sold by a private collector. 1920-1931 and total 509 pages, of which many have never been published. We believe these letters should be acquired and donated to the permanent collection at Brown, but the price is rather high.

The HPLHS has joined forces with celebrated Lovecraft scholars S.T. Joshi & David E. Schultz, and Hippocampus Press publisher Derrick Hussey to make the acquisition. To help us afford our portion of the purchase price, we're turning to our community of Lovecraft fans to help us raise $20,000 for this project.

We're offering three tiers at which you can help support this project.

  • Tier Zero. For your donation of $25, you'll receive our handsome certificate as a PDF via email. No shipping, customs, duties, etc. Want to send more money? Just increase your number of Tier Zero donations.
  • Tier One. For your donation of $25, you'll receive a handsome certificate featuring a photo of HPL and FBL, customized with your name, thanking you for your contribution.
  • Tier Two. For your donation of $100, you'll receive the customized certificate as well as a ten-page replica of HPL's letter to Frank Belknap Long from May 1, 1926 in which HPL expresses his joy at returning home to Providence after his stint in New York city, and includes HPL's drawing of his new apartment floorplan at 66 College Street.
  • Tier Three. If you are willing to contribute more than $100, please email us and we'll make arrangements for your contribution in whatever amount works for you. Current card-carrying members of the Society who contribute at this level will qualify for the bonus stamp shown below!

The plan is for Joshi, Hippocampus and HPLHS to make our respective donations for this project to Brown in early summer 2021. Upon receipt of the necessary funds, Brown will then purchase the collection of letters and add them to their collection of Lovecraft materials. 

The HPLHS is, at its heart, a society. We thought this was an incredible opportunity for all of us, as a collective body, to take action to help preserve a very rare portion of HPL's legacy for the permanent benefit of our community. 

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