Dreams in the Witch House - Original Painting

Dreams in the Witch House - Original Painting

$ 375.00

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"I must sign his book in my own blood, and go with them all to the throne of Azathoth at the center of ultimate Chaos."

HPLHS illustrator Darrell Tutchton is making available some of his original paintings used for art for the Dark Adventure Radio Theatre series. In a scene from The Dreams in the Witch House, Keziah Mason offers an opportunity to sign the Black Book.

Darrell has been a part of the HPLHS from its earliest days in Colorado in the 1980s. He studied illustration at the Kansas City Art Institute and earned his MFA at the Savannah College of Art and Design. He's created innumerable Lovecraftian abominations, monstrosities and nightmares. He currently resides in Savannah, Georgia.

Painting is made with waterproof inks. New glassed brown frame with white matte measures approx. 22 x 18 inches, painting is 11 x 14. 

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