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We're pretty picky about the items we stock in our store. But when we saw this we realized instantly it was the kind of product we liked and that you would like. It's not the first Lovecraftian cookbook in the world, but it's the first to succeed at the strange goal of filling a Lovecraftian tome of elder lore with some fun and funny recipes that would be fun to eat. 

There's sections for Cocktails, Soups, Salads, Entrees and Desserts, featuring toothsome gems like the Gin & Miskatonic, Atlach-Nachos, The Sandwich Horror, Elder Thing Parmagiana, Yogsicles and many, many more. Best of all though, while carrying the momentum of a wild barrage of Lovecraftian food puns, the recipes are all written out in a bizarre but executable style and many of them sound darned tasty.

The production values here are impressive. The cover is a strange, padded, slightly fleshy latex thing. The pages inside evoke an ancient grimoire with their stained background and entirely (and we mean entirely) hand lettered writing. The book is teaming with marvelous illustrations by the very talented Kurt Komoda. The recipes themselves are built on well-considered Lovecraftian puns, but they are written out by Mike Slater with a kind of manic care that the HPLHS deeply appreciates. Yes, it's horribly expensive. But when you get it, you'll quickly discover this is not the kind of book which is quickly an inexpensively made by some print-on-demand service. Details like the built-in red ribbon bookmark (set to the page of the Deep Fried Deep One recipe) make the Necronomnomnom a sound investment for the fan of Lovecraftian gastronomy. 

First Edition, 9"x12", 116 pages, containing about 45 recipes.

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