Miskatonic Varsity Pins, Volume II

Miskatonic Varsity Pins, Volume II

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Designed originally to decorate our Miskatonic Varsity Hoodie, this new collection of Miskatonic University pins celebrate the many accomplishments of Miskatonic students, RPG gamers, Lovecraftian investigators, and weirdos in general. We thought our first collection of pins would be fun - these are even more fun!

The authorities at Miskatonic are currently issuing in the following pins:

  • Crypto-Zoölogy - for meritorious scholarship in the avant-garde field of discovering and cataloging earth's lesser known creatures. Two-level polished silver pin with blue enamel.
  • Glee Club - for participation in Miskatonic's famed collegiate choir and/or other excellence in music. Polished sculptured gold with black enamel.
  • Halsey School of Medicine - for meritorious contributions in the medical arts and sciences.  Silver with embossed caduceus and red enamel cross.
  • History - for meritorious accomplishments in the field of history. Embossed with orange, red, green and black enamel in a self-repeating design.
  • Marksmanship - some student clubs at Miskatonic really have practical benefits. Embossed gold with black enamel.
  • Spot Hidden Object - there are those who can enter a room and see what others miss. Dark blue and light blue enamel with all-seeing gemstone eye motif on polished gold.
  • Parapsychology- for keen insights into cutting-edge research of the untrammeled reaches of the human mind. Embossed gold with blue enamel.
  • Wireless Club - for members of the club who believe that radio might actually have a future. Embossed with red, white and black enamel on silver radio tube.

All are enameled metal pins with a long post (for those thick varsity letters) and traditional butterfly clutch, custom designed by the HPLHS. Collect the whole set! The shiny surfaces make some pins hard to photograph, so some images shown here are digital design mock-ups, approximately to scale.

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