Arkham Sanitarium Lab Coat

Arkham Sanitarium Lab Coat

$ 50.00

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Sick and tired of being singled out in the asylum for a lobotomy? Your troubles are over with our Arkham Sanitarium Lab Coat. They're only issued to our highly trained medical staff (see Dr. Leman in photo) and all the patients wish they had one. These are genuine hostpital-grade lab coats, with the Arkham Sanitarium Staff embroidered patch sewn onto them. The Lab Coat also comes with a personalized ID card which can be affixed to a button (to ensure fewer sharp objects around the patients). Order your Lab Coat today, experiment with sanity*, and finally get the respect you deserve.

Our Arkham Sanitarium Lab Coats are made by different manufacturers, but all feature our custom-made embroidered patch sewn to the garment and come with a customized Staff ID Card. When you pay for this item, please use the Customer Comments field to let us know how you'd like your ID card customized.

* Please note that the wearing of our Arkham Sanitarium Lab Coat is not the same as attending a fully-accredited medical school. Our customers are hereby reminded that it is both unlawful and inappropriate for them to conduct surgeries, electro-static, bio-chemical or other experiments on live patients without the official sanctioning of a state-recognized medical authority. It seems silly we should have to remind you of this fact, but our lawyers feel better if we do.