Cthulhu Globalization

The HPLHS is an international organization. We count ourselves fortunate to have friends, members, and customers on every continent (you'd be surprised how many of our Antarctic Hoodies have actually been to Antarctica). So, in our endless quest to offer a great experience to our customers, we've just added a function to our store where it should be showing you prices in your own local currency. We hope that makes it a bit easier and a bit more fun. If you have any feedback for us, please send it our way.
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Grand Opening

We've finally opened the doors to the new store to let people in. We hope you enjoy the experience and find it easier to discover the many odd treasures within. We'll be working on updating and upgrading many of the product images. And you may find some leftover links to the old store that don't work. We'll be grateful to hear from people who find problems that we can fix.
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Store Upgraded

The HPLHS finally got around to upgrading its store. We think it's pretty spiffy and hope that you'll like it too!
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