Five Stars

If you poke around our store, you'll see an awful lot of our products have nothing but five star reviews. You'll read the enthusiastic endorsements of fans who enjoy the bizarre things we create. And it may seem a little suspect that you don't see many posts decrying things we make as being mediocre or worse.

We don't edit or delete bad reviews from our site. We're fortunate that our business is made by Lovecraft fans for Lovecraft fans and on the whole, people seem to take a lot of pleasure in what we make. Of course reviews tend to be written by customers who are either very happy with what they've purchased or who are very unhappy. In browsing customer reviews on Amazon or Yelp! you'll usually see a stream of ecstatic reviews punctuated by the occasional post of outrage or despair. The stronger one feels about a product - either in the positive or the negative - the more likely one is to go to the trouble to post a review.

We're incredibly honored that HPLHS customers share their thoughts with other prospective customers. Some of our products are quite expensive and one has good cause to deliberate before taking the plunge. We hope that heartfelt endorsements of others' experiences with these products will help bolster your confidence. We work hard to ensure every product we make is of excellent quality. And we work hard to ensure that every transaction with the HPLHS meets our exceeds our customers' expectations. And if something goes wrong or is not up to snuff, we do whatever we can to remedy the situation.

So we hope you'll have fun looking through the array of weird stuff we sell and reading the opinions of our those who have ordered them. And know that we're happy to add your voice to our chorus of customer comments, whatever you may have to say.

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