Farewell to a Friend

Since we started silk screening t-shirts in house some ten years or so ago, we've been sourcing most of our garments from a company called American Apparel. We liked them as they offered excellent quality garments, were local to us here in Southern California, and they took a pronounced stand to ensure their products were made in sweat-shop free conditions. As you probably know, producers of garments have engaged in a global "race to the bottom" as manufacturers have scoured the globe to find the cheapest sources of labor imaginable. And while everyone likes a bargain, we were not comfortable with the notion of buying garments which might have been made under dubious conditions in Cambodia or Honduras. It was felt good to be supporting a local business where we could drive to the factory and pick up our orders.

Changes in the apparel industry battered our old friend American Apparel and they went through bankruptcy proceedings and continued to make shirts and hoodies. But last week, American Apparel was bought out by their Canadian rival Gildan. These kinds of things happen in business from time to time. But we were sad to see the new owner's first move was to close down American Apparel's production facilities, immediately fire 2,400 workers and start closing down a retail chain of more than 100 stores. Globalization is a real thing and the consequences of a global economy hit home today. We're heartbroken for the workers who have been making the garments we've been selling to you for all these years.

The HPLHS is now hard at work trying to find the best supplier we can for our garments. We're looking for another producer who protects its workers and is environmentally responsible. We're looking for outstanding quality, and of course we want to keep our garments as affordable as possible for you. It's a tricky set of criteria. But that's our job and we hope to meet new partners and perhaps find some great new garments to incorporate into our family of Lovecraftian garments.

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