Crass Commercialism and Holiday Joy

It's the time of year in the USA when the holiday sales season starts. From our Thanksgiving holiday through the new year, it's a time of gift giving and, as a result, a time for shopping. We're of two minds on this phenomenon. First, if it really is a time of year to count one's blessings and show the people you love that you love them, then we encourage people to truly do that. It's not about the giving of gifts - it's about the demonstration of love and respect, kindness and generosity of spirit. A true gift is not a thing - it's an action that makes its recipient feel. It can be the smallest of actions which changes the trajectory of someone's day. It can be a bowl of homemade soup or ten dollars for the homeless person on the corner. It can be a heartfelt and unexpected hug. Ultimately the gift is the part of yourself which you're willing to give to bring joy to another.

And yet, we live in America, in a culture where actual wrapped presents are... well, it's just how Christmas is done. And on top of that, the HPLHS is a small business, and we stay in business by selling some of those gifts that will be given. A third of our business (we hope) for the entire year will happen in the last week of November and the first two weeks of December. And as a tiny business in a ridiculously niche market, we are so incredibly grateful to our customers that they bring us their business and share the weird stuff we make with others. All of which is to say, you don't have to buy gifts, but if you are going to buy a gift, we're very appreciative if you get one from us.

Lovecraft painted mankind as an irrelevant speck whirling through the vast infinity of an uncaring universe. And, in a glorious irony, he also loved Christmas. His contradictions are among his most charming personality traits. But regardless of what wintry holiday you may celebrate, or whether you merely cower before the Great Old Ones, we hope you and yours meet the end of 2016 with a generosity of spirit, unfettered kindness, and genuine love for one and other. - SB

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