A Tribute to the Worker

For two centuries, the humble newspaper was the friend of the worker: the conduit of news, local information, job opportunities, diversions and so much more. But the 21st century seems to be killing our old friend the newspaper. For our Dark Adventure Radio Theatre show, Dagon: War of Worlds, we decided it would be fun to see how a 1935 newspaper might have reported on Lovecraftian cosmic horror. We had a great time writing articles, creating maps and graphics, photos and more. It gave us a new appreciation for what a tremendous job was done (and is still done) daily by the worlds papers.

To celebrate the labor, we've decided to put our Dagon Newspaper on sale. From now through Monday, Sept. 7, they're just five bucks. We wish we could sell them to you for just a nickle, but I fear inflation has caught up with the handful of printers in the United States who can still print a classical broadsheet paper.

This Labor Day we offer our thanks to you, our customers, whose enthusiasm allows us to have the coolest job in the world.

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